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Main perpetrator of Rp2 billion theft caught in East Kalimantan

id Empty house theft, South Kalimantan
Alhamdulillah the last perpetrator on behalf of Iw alias I Coleng (38) was caught in his rented house on Jalan Kota Km 03 Panajam, East Kalimantan,
Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan (AntaranewsKalsel) - The main perpetrator of the empty houses theft, who burgled a safe containing Rp2 billion, was eventually caught in East Kalimantan.

"Alhamdulillah the last perpetrator on behalf of Iw alias I Coleng (38) was caught in his rented house on Jalan Kota Km 03 Panajam, East Kalimantan," said Head Crime with Violence Unit (Jatanras) of South Kalimantan General Crime Detective Directorate AKBP Afebrianto Widhi Nugroho here Thursday.

The perpetrator, he said, is slick and always moved one to other places until he finally got arrested on Tuesday (8/8) around 14.00 at his residence.

Previously a joint team of South Kalimantan Mobile Brigade (Resmob) and Jatanras Unit of Banjar Police received information on the fugitives hiding in the ??East Kalimantan.

South Kalimantan Police's turn back crime force led by Head of Mobile Brigade Comr (Kompol) Didik Subiyakto immediately went to East Kalimantan to nab the suspect.

The perpetrator did not move when arrested With the help of East Kalimantan's Resmob, and after interrogation he then confessed all his actions.

The evidence seized from the perpetrator included a number of jewelry, three mobile phones, watches and pawn shops receipts, and motorcycle of crime results.

The suspect whose origin from Somba Opu, Gowa District, South Sulawesi, was immediately taken to South Kalimantan to account for his deed with Rahmad (20), Juli Ardiansyah (22), Asran (28) and Darwin Joni (58) who had been arrested earlier in South Sulawesi.

"Iw Coleng is the leader of the empty house burglary specialist with his father Dar J as a fundraiser and a fence to sell their stolen goods during action in South Kalimantan," said Afebrianto.

As is known, this plot has been acted in 21 places in South Kalimantan. Among others in Jalan Pramuka Banjarmasin with a loss of Rp80 million and a house on Jalan Dharma Praja Banjarmasin burgled Rp 53.100.000 and other crime scenes which amounted to 19 locations in Banjarmasin.

Then two other crime scenes in Citraland luxury housing, Banjar District, with a total loss of Rp2.100.000.000.

"At the time of the arrest, the police have paralyzed them with bullets because some of them resisted the arrest," said AKBP Afebrianto.

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