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S Kalimantan BNNP foils 5 Kg Sabu Trafficking

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By: Gunawan Wibisono

Banjarmasin, 8/7 (Antaranews, South Kalimantan) - South Kalimantan National Narcotics Agency (BNNP) foiled narcotics trafficking types of sabu weighing 5.8 kilograms and arrest the perpetrators.

South Kalimantan BNNP head Commissioner Agus Budiman Manalu in Banjarmasin, acknowledged on Monday the arrest of the three illicit traffickers.

Among actors, Rahmadi aka Toya, was arrested in front of the Langgar Tarbiyatul Islamiyah with evidence of methamphetamine weighing 201.33 grams on May 13, 2013 around 12:00 pm.

Then BNN develop and discover the origin stuff was from Irwan aka Dudus. On  Tuesday, June 18, 2013, officers received information that Rudi, Irwan's men, will do transaction. BNNP asked BNN for help to conduct a detailed investigation to dismantle the gang.

On cooperation, on Friday, July 5, 2013 at around 16:15, officers seized a combined Rudi and Cungkring in Jalan Adyaksa and Jalan Banua Anyar, Northern District of Banjarmasin.

Based on Rudi’s information, methamphetamine obtained from Irwindy aka Dudus. Officers immediately conducted raids on Irwindy’s house and warehouse. During the search, BNNP and BNN confiscated shabu weighing 5.8 kg, 91 grains of suspected ecstasy, as well as cash Rp1.4 billion.

Furthermore, the suspects were taken to the BNN office for investigation to further legal proceedings. "On the evidence Irwindy, officers and BNN and BNNP will continue to make the case against the developer, because it is thought to involve South Kalimantan employers," Agus told reporters when exposing the case. *

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