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BNNP nabs a dealer, selling gorilla tobacco via instagram

id Gorilla tobacco, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan
But he plays cheating with a modus of mixing gorilla tobacco with an ordinary tobacco with a ratio of 30-70 percent,
Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan 9/8 (AntaranewsKalsel) - South Kalimantan's National Narcotics Agency (BNNP) has nabbed a dealer who confessed to selling synthetic cannabinoids or known as gorilla tobacco, via online markets. 

"MSA alias Bimbim (37) has confessed to using Instagram to sell gorilla tobacco in addition to direct marketing to his buyers," said BNNP's head Brigadier General Marsauli Siregar in Banjarmasin, Wednesday.

The dealer, he added, eagers he could cover a larger market to many areas outside Kalimantan by using a social media.

He sells a 2-gram package for Rp350 thousands. While he bought a half kilogram of the synthetic marijuana with a price of Rp17 millions.

"But he plays cheating with a modus of mixing gorilla tobacco with an ordinary tobacco with a ratio of 30-70 percent," Marsauli told AntaranewsKalsel.

The perpetrator was caught thanked a hard work of operational members of BNNP's Eradication Dept.

It could be understood that the dealer has long been a fugitive, since his two men were caught on February 3, 2017, with an evidence of 56,02-gram gorilla tobacco.

His whereabout finally smelled by BNNP and Banjarbaru Narcotics Agency (BNK) in the area of BCA ATM on Jalan Ahmad Yani Km 35 On Thursday at 09.00.

Soon after he was caught, officers conducted a search in Kampung Karangan, Banjarbaru, and found three grams of the harmful tobacco. 

The search then continued to Citra Graha housing complex and again they found 1.473 gram. 

They developed the dealer's confession and went to a courier company in Jalan Gatot Subroto, Banjarmasin. Here they found 500 grams tobacco which believed to have a stronger fly effect.

"So totally 1.977 grams of gorilla tobacco confiscated and he said he bought them from Aldi in Jakarta in one of online application," said Marsauli who was accompanied by Head of Eradication Dept AKBP Edy Saprianadi.

For the offense, the perpetrator is subjected to Article 133 (1) sub Article 132 (1) jo 114 subsidies Article 132 (1) jo 112 (2) Law No.35/2009 about Narcotics.

"The positive gorilla tobacco contains narcotics, especially methyl 2 which belongs to class I number 88 and 95 Regulation of the Minister of Health No. 2/2017," said the head of BNNP South Kalimantan.

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