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The Hottest Hiyung Chili Goes Worldwide

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The Hottest Hiyung Chili Goes Worldwide
The Hottest Hiyung Chili Goes Worldwide.(Antaranews Kalsel/jms)
Because of hiyung chili, our region became known across the nation and even worldwide,
Rantau, South Kalimantan, 13/2 (AntaranewsKalsel) - Information about an extraordinary hot chili pepper from Hiyung Village, Tapin District, South Kalimantan, which is 17 times more than usual chili now known worldwide.

Head of Central Tapin Sub-district Rini Yusnita in Rantau on Monday said since the last few weeks she has a lot of guests from home and abroad to see first hand the development of hiyung chilli.

"Because of hiyung chili, our region became known across the nation and even worldwide," she said.

Guests, who come from different regions and strategic institutions, admitted to be intrigued by reports about the hottest chili pepper in Indonesia.

Among the guests who come are from the Ministry of Rural Development (Kemendes) through the Head of Training Center Community to know and feel the spicy hiyung chili and promise will provide skills training for chili farmers here.

"Training to manage the post-harvest production of chili will be entirely financed by the center," she said.

In addition was the visit of Students from Croatia were also curious on reporting in the mass media about the hottest hiyung chili.

While the combined CSR of the foundation Dharma Bhakti, PT PAMA, PT Kalimantan Prima Persada (KPP), and PT Prima Multi Mineral via LPB BANUA Prima Persada, provided assistance in the form of chilli powder or shredded making machine and a powder storage.

Improving the ability of farmers, said Rini, she planned in March 2017 will bring representatives of farmer groups to Bogor training centers, in order to develop better.

Previously, Regent Tapin Arifin Arpan said the cayenne pepper with a very spicy taste only grows in the Hiyung village, so it was named after Hiyung chili.

"When we plant the pepper in other places, it seems to be less spicy, even tend to be unspicy, this is very strange," he said.

Once planted in the village Hiyung, spicy taste becomes many-fold compared to the usual chili. Hiyung chili is now a mainstay commodity of Tapin district, which is much sought after by both traders from the region and outside the region.

Based on research the chili from Hiyung village has a level of spiciness to 94,500 ppm, equivalent to 17 times the usual chili.

Editor: Imam Hanafi


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