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P4IP Kotabaru Rp2,75 Billion

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P4IP Kotabaru Rp2,75 Billion
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By Imam Hanafi

Kotabaru, South Kalimantan (Antaranews) - Kotabaru Government allocate funds for Infrastructure Development Acceleration and Expansion of Settlements Program (P4IP) amounting to Rp2,75 billion.

Head of Kotabaru Cipta Karya, Settlement and Housing Agency  H Akhmad Rivai here on Sunday said P4IP is one of the fuel rise compensation program and launched in the state budget 2013 by the Ministry of Public Works  No.314/KPTS/M/2013 on the Determination of Villages.

"The program includes two major activities, namely urban P4IP and rural areas P4IP ," said Rivai.

The 2013 Kotabaru P4IP consisted of the Rural Infrastructure Development Program (PPIP) Rp2,5 billion for 10 target villages and  the Urban Poverty Alleviation Program (P2KP) Rp250 million to one target village.

Target villages for PPIP includes Tanjung Nyiur, Sembilan Island subdistrict, Sumber Sari and Subur Makmur in West Pulau Island subdistrict.

Sungai Kupang and Karang Liwar in Kelumpang Hulu subdistrict, Muara Ore in Hampang subdistrict, Gendang Timburu and Buluh Kuning in Sungai Durian subdistrict. Gunung Calang in South Pamukan subdistrict, and Papaan in Sampanahan subdistrict.

While the location of the P2KP target villages, Rampa village in North Pulau Laut subdistrict.

"The process phases of activities undertaken to meet national schedule has been set," he said.

Editor: Asmuni Kadri


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