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Golden Hope's First Palm Oil Exports From Kotabaru to Pakistan

id First Palm Oil Exports to Pakistan, Kotabaru, South Kalimantan
By Imam Hanafi

Kotabaru, South Kalimantan (Antaranews) - crude Palm Oil (CPO) processing company PT Golden Hope Nusantara, which was built with an investment of Rp1,2 trillion in Kotabaru District, South Kalimantan, export its first Refined Bleached Deodorized Palm Oil to Pakistan.

Director of Golden Hope Nusantara (GHN), Mumtaz Fisal, here on Wednesday said the first export of palm oil that has been processed into RBDPO to Pakistan amounted to 11,800 metric tons.

Of the plant's production capacity by 825,000 metric tons per year, twenty percent for domestic oil needs. " It could even be reversed, 80 percent to meet domestic needs and 20 percent for export," said Fisal.

Indonesia, he said, is one of the countries that have the largest market share, and adhering to the management philosophy of creating its own market share. As for the export share, some for Asian and European countries, such as Pakistan, Vietnam and the Netherlands.

Policy for refined palm oil export in bulk form to the state's goal is to meet the needs of various industries, among others, as the base material of food industry, detergents, oleo-chemical, bio-diesel and cosmetics.

Fisal hopes, investments made in Sei Thaib Village, North Pulaulaut, Kotabaru district, can provide positive benefits 
for local economic growth. Mainly through various community development activities contribute , opening new jobs, and other sustainable programs in collaboration with local governments.

Regent Kotabaru H Irhami Ridjani said local government welcomes investment disbursed by PT GHN. This proves the confidence of private parties to Kotabaru, also showed PT GHN commitment to jointly develop the area.

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