Selasa, 17 Oktober 2017

Kotabaru Share Rp13, 86 billion to Villages

id Gapura, Kotabaru, South Kalimantan

By Imam Hanafi

Kotabaru, 8/6 (Antaranews.Kalsel) - To accelerate the development of their villages, local government Kotabaru poured funds amounting to Rp13, 86 billion to 198 villages in the region.

Head of Community Development and Village Government Kotabaru, Joko Mutiono, in Kotabaru on Saturday, saying if this is the Movement for the Development of Society (Gapura) program which in 2013 budget increased from Rp50 million to Rp75 million per village.

"The funding will be used to alleviate poverty and improve the welfare of rural communities," said Joko.

Through Gapura, village governments are required to prepare and make a budget as needed priorities. Preparation, execution, and monitoring the results of the construction was done by the community, from and for the community.

Development involving the direct participation of the community, according to Joko, the result is much more effective than the other way. Because who better understand the condition and what is needed by the people in the village, is the population itself.

Equally important, said Joko, Gapura will be one solution to accelerate, and equitable development in the villages.

In addition to the program through Gapura, Kotabaru local government, in collaboration with the government of South Kalimantan Province, as well as the central government distribute billions of rupiah to accelerate development in urban areas, through the National Program for Community Empowerment (PNPM) Urban and PNPM Rural.

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