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KPK highlights South Kalimantan mine management

id KPK highlights mining in South Kalimantan
We will continue to follow up these issues continuously, until the evidences are obtained to resolve mining issues according to legal channels,
Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan 18/5 (AntaranewsKalsel) - The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) again highlighted mine management in South Kalimantan on issues that arise, including overlapping land, licensing, reclamation and others.

KPK Deputy Chairman Saut Situmorang in Banjarmasin Thursday said one of the reasons the KPK team returned to South Kalimantan was to respond to various complaints submitted to KPK related to mining.

KPK also came for the signing of a memorandum of understanding on corruption eradication with provincial and local governments in South Kalimantan,

After coordination and supervision meetings with 13 districts and cities in South Kalimantan, Saut revealed that there are still quite a lot of reports on mining issues, especially land overlapping, licensing and others.

Until now, he added, KPK continues getting reports related to mining issues, either by mail, sms, email and others, so it needs serious efforts from all parties concerned to deal with the problem.

Thus, he added, the mining sector in South Kalimantan, can really be used to improve the welfare of local residents.

"We will continue to follow up these issues continuously, until the evidences are obtained to resolve mining issues according to legal channels," he said.

According to him, until now, the commission has not set a person as a suspect. It is still in the process of investigation, but an indication of embezzlement or abuse of authority, it does exist.

"If a territory can not be issued permission, then the company or private still get permission, it means something is wrong," he said.

Based on KPK data and study in 2016, there were cases of overlapping of tenure rights over 228,361 hectares of land at mining quarry area, 8,973 hectares at the location of timber forest product utilization permit in industrial plantation forest inside plantation forest in production forest (IUPHHK -HTI).

IUPHHK-HTI is a business license to build plantations in production forests built by industrial groups to increase the potential and quality of production forests in order to meet the needs of industrial raw materials.

In addition, 21,213 hectares of land in the forest utilization permit (IUPHHK-HA) and 71,080 hectares are in the peat domes.

Not only the land overlap, in terms of permit KPK also highlighted the mining business permit. Based on data obtained by the KPK, up to May 2, 2017, as many as 315 of the 789 mining business permits (IUP) in South Kalimantan are not clean and clear.

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