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Roy: A Remarkable South Kalimantan

id Porwanas, Opening, Martapura, South Kalimantan
Roy: A Remarkable South Kalimantan
Roy Suryo.(Antara/doc.)
By Ulul Maskuriah

Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan (Antaranews) - Minister of Youth and Sports Roy Suryo said South Kalimantan province as remarkable as it is able to carry out the National Journalist Games (Porwanas) although suddenly appointed.

Roy Surya praise in his speech delivered at the opening of Porwanas XI at Demang Lehman Stadium in Martapura on Monday. "According to the information I heard, East Javaw was supposed to host this time Porwanas . Due to it backwards, South Kalimantan said it ready to replace and South Kalimantan manages to be a good host," he said and the audience applauded boisterously.

According to Roy, the success of South Kalimantan Porwanas held inseparable from the cooperation of all parties, 
especially the local government.

Roy also hope that members of the press from outside the area who are currently taking part in Porwanas to 
replicate the successes performed in South Kalimantan and brought it as an exemplary experience.

Chairman of PWI Margiono admitted salute the achievements of South Kalimantan, which successfully held despite sudden host after East Java canceling itself to implement the `event`.

According to him, the success of the South Kalimantan can not be separated from the cooperation and assistance of all parties, including the Governor of South Kalimantan and regents and mayors in South Kalimantan.

Porwanas XI opening in Demang Lehman Martapura Stadium attended by officials, athletes and public figures, including officials from several other provinces. Residents of South Kalimantan is also keen to watch the opening ceremony. They packed the stadium stands, even though the rain was pouring.

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