Kamis, 19 Oktober 2017

TNI to open 200 hectares rice fields in Tanah Laut

id TNI to open rice field again, Tanah Laut, S Kalimantan
The realization of rice field printing in 2017 is still waiting for the central government,
Pelaihari, South Kalimantan 26/4 (AntaranewsKalsel) - Military District Commander (Dandim) 1009/ Pelaihari Lieutenant Colonel Inf Joesef DD Surbakti said the army (TNI) will again open rice fields in Tanah Laut district and this year will covers an area of ​​200 hectares.

"The realization of rice field printing in 2017 is still waiting for the central government," said Dandim 1009/Pelaihari Lt. Col. Inf Joesef DD Surbakti in Pelaihari on Wednesday.

According to him, the location of paddy fields is planned in several sub-districts in the Tanah Laut. Site determination, he added, is based on the results of central government reviews and assessments.

Including agricultural equipment and machinery assistance for farmers in Tanah Laut, he said, is still waiting from the central government.

As for corn and soybean crops, he said, his side is still waiting from the relevant offices of the government of Tanah Laut.

Separately, Pangdam (Military Commander) IV Mulawarman Major General Sonhadji asserted that, according to the President of the Republic of Indonesia instruction, the minister of agriculture was given three years to realize Indonesia is capable of food self-sufficiency.

Minister of Agriculture took the TNI to achieve the target of food self-sufficiency, he explained, finally able to materialize.

With the results, he said, Indonesia has been able to self-sufficiency in food and has been able to export agricultural products.

This means that Presidential Instruction has been fulfilled and the planned program of the Ministry of Agriculture has been realized and this cooperation continues, he said.

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