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Car thief arrested after two months fugitive

id Car theif finally caught, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan
Officers who have been investigating finally arrested the suspect on Sunday (2/7) last weekend,
Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan - After two months a fugitive, a car thief of which case reported to crime detective police on April 23, finally arrested.

"Officers who have been investigating finally arrested the suspect on Sunday (2/7) last weekend," said Banjarmasin Police Chief Sr Comr (Kombes) Anjar Wicaksana here on Tuesday.

He said the suspect's criminal case stems from a car he looted after he acquinted the victim or the car owner.

The suspect Er (29) and his victim H Syahrani (66) knew briefly at a nightclub in Banjarmasin one day before the looting.

Then, they agreed to stay at Tokyo Hotel Jalan Kolonel Sugiono, Central Banjarmasin, on Sunday, 23 April. Not long after the victim just realized the car was lost stolen by the perpetrator when waking from sleep the next day.

On the incident, the victim reported to the crime detective police and vehicle theft unit police immediately conduct an investigation.

"The day before the arrest, officers received information that the perpetrator was seen around Jalan Liang Anggang Banjarbaru. After confirming the true characteristics of the person, then immediately arrested on Sunday, July 2," said police chief accompanied by Head Unit of Crime Detective Adj Comr (AKP) Ade Papa Rihi during exposure of perpetrator and evidence.

He continued to say the evidence of one Toyota Kijang Innova luxury metallic silver color made in 2013 with police number L 1899 KM previously hidden by suspect in the forest in Tayan Village, West Kalimantan.

"Based on the actor's acknowledgment, he himself took the car to West Kalimantan and because there was no purpose then the car was only laid in the forest and the suspect returns to Banjarmasin using travel service," he said.

For his actions, the suspect who is resident of East Kota Waringin, Central Kalimantan, objected to Article 362 of the Criminal Code with a five-year prison threat.

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