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Two kilos sabu-sabu smuggled in cardboard

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Two kilos sabu-sabu smuggled in cardboard
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The modus operandi is fairly new, where sabu-sabu inserted in carton wall box of cigarettes filled with dry food,
Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan - South Kalimantan National Narcotics Agency (BNNP) seized two kilograms of sabu-sabu packed thinly in cardboard to smuggle into Banjarmasin.

"The modus operandi is fairly new, where sabu-sabu inserted in carton wall box of cigarettes filled with dry food," said Head of BNNP South Kalimantan Brigadier General Marsauli Siregar in Banjarmasin on Tuesday.

That much drugs was brought by a woman with initialial M. The suspect departed from Medan forBanjarmasin destination aircraft by transit in Jakarta.

"A total of eight packs of sabu-sabu weighing 2.180 grams inserted or packed thin but wide on the wall of the cardboard by splitting and then restore the cardboard condition as before," said Marsauli accompanied by Head of BNNP Eradication Adj Sr Comr (AKBP) Edy Saprianadi during the exposure of suspects and evidence.

This drug syndicate hid sabu-sabu to pass the examination of three airports, namely Kualanamu International Airport Medan, Soekarno Hatta Airport Jakarta and Syamsudin Noor Banjarmasin fairly sophisticated.

But because BNNP officers already knew the characteristics of the courier, then the perpetrators can not escape from the catch.

Marsauli revealed, the disclosure of the drug network of Aceh Medan and Banjarmasin after it got information there will be drugs brought from Medan to Banjarmasin through air transportation.

BNNP also conducted an investigation with the Directorate of Drugs Detective of South Kalimantan Regional Police. After pocketing the identity of the carrier (suspect M) and the recipient of goods in Banjarmasin (suspect A), officers were preparing to ambush.

On Monday (12/6) at 12.00 WITA officers receive information there was Batik Air plane landing from Medan to Banjarmasin.

Once down the woman courier continued to be followed behind to the airport parking area until suspect M meet suspect A. Not long the porter handed over the passenger baggage to the woman, immediately the officer did the ambush and secured the luggage which contained sabu-sabu.

"M is a professional courier who domiciled in Lampung and has several times come to Banjarmasin delivered goods to suspect A with wages Rp5 million one way," said Marsauli.

Now BNNP South Kalimantan is still doing the development by trying to catch one more actor named Tengku alias Abang Botak.

Meanwhile, the two suspects arrested were charged under Law No. 35/2009 on Narcotics with a minimum sentence of 5 years imprisonment and a maximum of 20 years up to life imprisonment and death penalty and a maximum fine of Rp10 billion.

Editor: Asmuni Kadri


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